DPR Seals Filling Station Under Construction In A’ Ibom

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The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) Eket Field Office has sealed a petrol filling station under construction at Obot Idim in Ibesikpo Local Government of Akwa Ibom.
Sundaye, the Operations Controller of DPR in the state, Mr Tamunoiminabo Kingsley-disclosed this to reporters in Uyo on Thursday.
He said that the station had no approval from the Department of Petroleum Resources to build the structure.
Kingsley-Sundaye said that the location of the station was against the law.
“We have put government stop order and we expect the developer to stop further work.
“We will send report to the relevant law enforcement agency and if the developer disobeys the government seal order, the owner will be arrested and prosecuted accordingly, ” he said.
Kingsley-Sundaye said that the department observed that the station was sharing a common boundary with a church in the area.
He said stations built close to churches, schools, markets and other centres were against the DPR regulations.
The DPR boss explained that the station had violated government order.
He said the department would contact the Uyo Development Authority to verify status of the station.
“If Uyo Development Authority gave the approval, then it is a pity because DPR will not allow that place to be a filling station, ” he said.

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