On Your Own: Police ignore distress call made by Delta robbery victims

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Residents of a Sapele community were unfortunate to have their request for help turned down by the police. A male Facebook user, Rexbtony Omaghomi Okoroatsegor, has revealed a shocking experience with the police who reportedly ignored a request for help during a robbery in Sapele, Delta State. The incident occurred at his mum's house on Sunday, March 25, 2018, according to Okoroatsegor, in a Facebook post. An encounter with hoodlums in the wee hours of the morning, had ensured a damage to property, as well as injuries to family members and friends. "Hoodlums came to my mum's Residence destroy properties shot and injured my mum and her Husband as well as my Brother. "This happened in Sapele Delta state Nigeria on the 25th of March 2018 they operated for close to 3hours without response from police or vigilantes from 12:00AM to 3:30AM. "They came with guns cutlasses and iron cutter which they used on the burglary proof. "What gave them tough time was the iron door else they would have wreck more havoc and they made away with some money and valuables destroying our vehicle, but while leaving they left behind a cut to sized gun which obviously fell when they where running out of the compound. "Funny enough My younger one a Boy was able to sneak out to call neighbors but nobody came out he further ran to Ghana road Police station in Sapele which was the closest to us at Anigboro Rd around Owumi/abeke and they said its not their Business( in their words they said: e no concern us) asking him my younger one to go to the main Police station after stadium far off. "Its poor the state of Nigeria with no security and from what I heard its becoming a normal thing in Sapele as people are be robbed on a daily basis. "Advice please don't rely on fancy doors use those iron doors constructed by welders it helps cos if it was to be the fancy one it wont take time to break in. "I thank God for Life as my mum survived the gun shot at her," Okoroatsegor expressed on Facebook. No escape for lady married to violent police husband There is no obvious escape route for a woman married to a South African policeman who has physically abused her. An intervention from brother, Moreki Mo, who tweeted about the violence appeared to be only resistance the victim could pull. In the tweet, the cop Bruce Mathebula, reportedly threatened to kill his wife who had already suffered a serious injury to her face. Her looks following various assault was a sharp contrast when compared to her actual appearance.
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