Flop of the Week: Governor Ambode shut Lagos down for Buhari and caught a massive

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Shutting down the 5th largest economy on the continent for the President's visit was pointless. This week’s Flop of the Week goes to Lagos State’s Governor Ambode for shutting down the 5th largest economy in Africa to host our President Buhari on a trip to Lagos that did not particularly achieve anything. Most Lagosians were aware that the President was coming to Lagos but it didn’t stop us from being confused when the state government declared last Thursday a statewide public holiday to restrict movement and ensure that the President’s transit through the state was hitch-free. Governor Ambode should know better. The cost of shutting Lagos down, even for a couple of hours can run into billions of naira; not to talk of an entire day before one of the most sales-driving holidays of the year. Besides that, that decision put a city on standstill for the better part of the entire day. Lagosians will move around, regardless of what you say, and most of them, myself inclusive, spent obscene hours in traffic. It would have been easier, more practical, and infinitely less expensive to keep Daddy Bubu in the air. We would still be asking him for the change he promised but at least, he’d be at an altitude where he’s not creating new problems for us. Governor Ambode has previously been accused of bringing more cosmetic than practical. Whatever he thought he was doing on Wednesday, it definitely doesn’t score him any points.
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