Iranian politicians set US flag on fire chanting 'death to America' after US deal fallout

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Members of Iran's parliament set fire to a US flag and chanted "death to America" after Donald Trump pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal.
Around 20 lawmakers gathered in the chamber early on Wednesday, the morning after Trump pulled out of the deal and attacked their government's "long reign of chaos and terror.
The hardline lawmakers, including at least one Shiite Muslim religious leader, chanted "Death to America," the traditional anti-US slogan in Iran, as they set the paper flag on fire.
They also burned a copy of the Iran deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. After the papers had finished burning, the lawmakers stamped on their ashes.
Flag-burning and other displays of anti-US sentiment are common in Iran, but rarely make it inside the formal corridors of power in so visceral a form.
Trump made a long television address on Tuesday afternoon explaining his decision to ditch the deal, which he described as "rotten and decaying."
US allies, including France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, said publicly that they disagreed with Trump's assessment and would continue to uphold the deal.
Hassan Rouhani, Iran's president, said that the country will continue to abide by the deal for now.

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