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Welcome to Tatisis Nigeria, we are glad you interested in promoting your products & services with us. It is noteworthy to let you know that our platform is the first interactive neo concept platform to be introduced in Nigeria.

The platform exists on both the mobile app and mobile/web platforms. This guarantees that your advertorial campaigns will get the highest amount of impressions(exposure) that you need to drive your traffic, sales, leads generation, etc. Giving you true value for your money.
Join other businesses like yours today, that can easily say they got the most out of the Tatisis Ad System to make that much needed positive difference in their space/industry.

3 Step Guidelines to Ad-Placement on Tatisis
Placing your ad on tatisis has been made seamless to give you the best experience and hassle-free approach to having your ad-campaign live in no time.
1. Click on “proceed to place your ad on tatisis” below to complete a simple form.
2. Input the required details in the provided fields and submit. You will be sent a payment link after your ad application has been reviewed and accepted, via email/sms shortly afterwards.
3. Upon payment, you will be notified via email/sms indicating that your ad is live.
A dashboard for tracking your impressions and ad clicks will be provided upon readiness.
Note: Tatisis does not promote ads directing its users to illicit websites with unruly content, GRQ sites, gambling sites amongst others with similar purposes or intent.

Requisites (What you will be required to provide):
Destination web link: The destination web link you will want to direct your potential visitors/customers to. This can be any web link or a link to a topic you created on Tatisis.
Ad placement location: Where on tatisis would you like your ad to be placed i.e. Live (Front Page), State, Agriculture, Business, Education, Entertainment, Health, Politics, Sports, Technology.
Short Description: This is a short text (90 characters) to be provided by you to describe to ad viewers - details or information about what you are promoting. (We advise you make it short, catchy and concise).

Tatisis Nigeria
Visit our new dashboard for advertisement and promotions. [email protected] https://promote.tatisis.com Whatsapp: +2348114832953
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