Car Maintenance Tips to Extend your Car Life

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There is always a need to move, this makes having a car or personal vehicle a necessity and not a luxury. These days, people spend a lot of money on buying cars and there is a need for proper maintenance so that the vehicle is durable for as long as possible. It is also important to maintain your vehicle because more than half of motor accidents that occur yearly could have been prevented with proper maintenance.
Each car may require specific maintenance tips but there are basic things to be done in order to keep everyone in its best condition. Sometimes, minor changes and maintenance can be done at home with the aid of a few tools. Tire replacement, air filter, battery replacements can be done with the aid of spanners, jack, screwdrivers, etc.
However, some of the bodywork such as windshield replacement, engine problems, among others should be done at the autoshop by your mechanic. It is advisable to have an auto mechanic check your car at least once every month but the driver should also take steps to protect the car. Some of these steps include;
The first step to take to read and understand the vehicle manual. It contains a list of instructions on how to enjoy the best driving experience.
Always drive carefully; the best way to take care of your car is to drive it with great care. You should avoid accelerating quickly or drive at breakneck speed all the time. Driving carefully puts less stress on the engine, the tires and the gears and pistons.
Always check the fluids of the car and replace accordingly. These fluids include brake oil, fuel, engine oil, steering fluids, etc
Always replace damaged parts as soon as possible. Windshield replacement, headlights, brake lights and indicators should be done as soon as damage is noticed.
Always use filtered fuel; ensure that you purchase your petrol/gasoline at a reputable filling station. Unfiltered fuel can cause damages to the fuel filter and fuel pump in the vehicle
Change the air filter regularly
Always park your vehicles under the shade; as much as you can, so that it is protected from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. It is important that the engines get to cool as much as possible when not in use. Also, the heat can damage the interior of the car especially if is is coated in leather
Always ensure that your car is clean; the exterior and interior of your vehicle should be cleaned regularly.
Ensure that the tires are always properly inflated. The tires should also be rotated at least once in a month. The tires should be checked daily to ensure that there are no punctures on it.
Always check the dash gauges and ensure that they are clean so that they can be read easily. The accelerometer, fuel gauge, and check engine light are on the dashboard. These are always the first signs that something may be wrong.
There are many more steps to take to prolong the car life of your car. However, it is essential that you visit the auto shop at least one in a month so that the car specialist can give the car a thorough check-up. Drive safe!
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