Kaduna 2019: Groups buy APC nomination form for El-Rufai

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Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN) and four other groups on Monday presented the All Progressives Congress (APC) nomination form to Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai.

The groups said they want Mr El-Rufai to seek reelection in 2019 because they believe in his leadership of the state.

The four other groups which joined in buying the form are Petroleum Tankers Driver (PTD), National Association of Road Transport Workers (NARTO), Traders of Sheikh Mahmud Gummi Market and The Katsina and Daura People’s Association based in Kaduna.

Leader of the delegation which presented the form to the governor at Government House, Kaduna, Abbas Likoro, said they were there to submit the nomination form and to also plead with Mr El-Rufai to re-contest in 2019.

According to him, all the groups believe in his leadership qualities and his policies are geared towards developing the state.

Mr El-Rufai expressed surprise at their gesture.

According to him, he did not have the money to purchase the nomination form for his reelection bid when the amount was announced.

He said the money in his bank account was not close to that amount.

‘I don’t have N20 million also to buy my form. The money I have in the bank is not close to that amount. I have only one account in GTB . Except I sell my house will I be able to raise that that amount,” he said.

Mr El-Rufai recalled that when the party fixed the fees for nomination forms, President Muhammadu Buhari was the first to say he did not have such amount.

“I could remember that during the meeting, the president was the first person to raise his hand and said he does not have N50m.

”In fact, we the governors started discussing on how we will raise the money for Mr President.

“We said each governor will contribute N2m each. And we travelled to China and it was in China I told the President that some group had purchased the form for you, so who will buy my own for me?,” he said.

He thanked the delegation as he accepted the nomination form in good faith.

He also said it will enable him to re-double his efforts in improving the lives of the people of the state.

Mr El-Rufai re-assured the delegation that he would continue to ensure that whoever is living in the state, irrespective of his religious and tribal inclinations, gets justice.

The governor had earlier declared his intention to seek re-election.
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