Kaduna Electric Begins 24 Hours Power Supply

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In its drive to ensure uninterupted electricity supplyto its customers, Kaduna Electric has begun 24-hours power supply to its customers on green feeders in its franchise states comprising Kaduna, Sokoto, Zamfara and kebbi.

A statement issued by the Head, corporate Communication of the company, AbdulAzeez Abdullahi, said that the company has classified its feeders into Green, Yellow and Red and its commercial and residential customers on the 56 green feeders in the companyfranchise are those enjoying the 24-hour power supply.
The customers under these feeders pay thier electricity bills when due, and are among the best performing clusters in our area of coverage, we will ensure that our customers on these feeders continue to receive uninterrupted power supply, the feeders will be out only for maintenance or occurance of faults beyound our control,
the statement also said, The company also promised to ensure that whatever allocation it receiveives from the national grid shall be distributed equally among its customers and promised to work on improving supply to other feeders not on 24hours supply.
the statement said the classification was done based on customer payment response on the feeders with the green being the highest, Yellow being the average and Red being the least performing feeder.
According to the statement, The company is doing all possible to sensitize customers on Red and Yellow feeders to improve on thierbills settlement so that their feeders can become Green and enjoy improved power supply.
It said losses on especially the Red feeder are enormous that the company had to device a means to curtail them.
The statement called on customers within its network to settle their monthly electricity bills promptly in order to avoid disconnection by the company, its also cautioned against harrasment of its staff while on duty, warning that it would explore all available legal options to seek redress.
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