Facebook watch is growing but still dwarfed by youtube

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Facebook Watch receives 75 million viewers a day, according to new statistics shared by the company. But despite its growth, the platform is still a fraction the size of its most important rival, YouTube, and some media companies are concerned by the platform's ever-changing character.
Jim Nail, a researcher with Forrester, wasn't impressed by Facebook's numbers, saying "20 minutes is a minimal amount of time." The time spent suggest that Watch has not quite turned into a destination for committed viewing, and is likely similar to other Facebook video viewing habits.
"As far as consumer behavior goes, likely this is 'time-killer' viewing, in line waiting, on the bus or train commuting," Nail said. "On the other hand, 75 million is a significant number."
Facebook is in a heated rivalry with YouTube, and smaller platforms like Snapchat and Twitter even, to develop premium ad-supported shows that could potentially lead the way to the next-generation of television. All the platforms are trying to convince advertisers that they have quality shows that appeal to audiences who are watching less TV, and they hope their ads can command TV-like prices from brands
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