How I maintain my sanity in Lagos – Chigozie Atuanya

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Anambra State-born actor cum producer, Chigozie Atuanya, has revealed how he maintains his sanity in the ‘maddened crowd’ that is Lagos.

According to the thespian, he has been in Lagos for about 14 years and he can confidently say that the city has greatly favoured him, as he is now a landlord in highbrow Lagos Island.

Hear him: ‘”I have been in Lagos for about 14 years now. It has been good. In one way or the other, Lagos has favoured me. I’m a proud landlord in Lagos, and on the Island to be precise. So far, it has been a good ride.”

Speaking on what keeps him going in an over-populated state like Lagos, Atuanya maintained that, as a creative mind, he has devised a means to stay afloat. “Good music. Yes, whenever I feel a bit down, I play good music, and life goes on. Also, I have studied the Lagos road and know how best to beat traffic. That’s the best way to keep your sanity in check. I like the hustling spirit here. Everybody is busy doing one thing or the other to make it. Once you leave the East or other parts of the country to come to Lagos, then be ready to join the hustle. It’s actually a good vibe.”
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