“are you for real Jaz, what on earth has fasting got to do with sex?”

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Clara told me the Book is out and I am super excited. ‘40 Pearls of Wisdom’ is a Book about tenacity, courage, laughter, pain, wisdom, love, death, victory, you name it. It’s a Book that should be on the shelf of every home and I must say that Clara Rufai and Alex Okoroji out did themselves on this Book to make sure it comes out a best seller.

Thanks once again Kemisola Ajetunmobi for inviting me and 38 other ‘strong’ women on this journey of self-discovery. “Wow Clara, I am elated, how do people get a hold of the Book?” I asked in excitement. “Well through your page on Facebook, I will send you your personal link, you can share it on your page. “What of the Book on Romance you said you want to write?” Clara asked her enthusiasm was infectious. “I am determined to make sure you publish that Book, you do know from start to finish I will be with you all the way, applying excellence right to the physical print.

Oh lest I forget, I am also a ghost writer, so let’s get that Book started” she concluded laughing. Nice, I didn’t know Clara had joined the league of ghost writers, for those of you wondering what that means; a ghost writer is hired to write literary or journalistic works, speeches, or other texts that are officially credited to another person as the author.

…Screenplay authors can also use ghost writers to either edit or rewrite their scripts to improve them. So there….Clara well, let’s just say, a trial will convince you. I am having brunch with the girls this afternoon and can’t wait to tell them about the latest development with the Book and the party at the Mansion.

The special invite is also extended to the girls. I didn’t want to leave my comfort zone and brunch was on me so we decided to hang out at one of our favourite spots; Golden Tulip Hotel. I have always loved the ambiance, food and the serenity of the place has a soothing effect.

We got together for 3.00pm, I didn’t want Kaycee to break her fast before she was ready to do as you know Kaycee belongs to The Redeemed Christian Church (RCCG) and the on-going fast is for 49 days! “Thank God we’re finally eating, you call it brunch, have you checked the time?” Zara asked glaring at me as she grumbled. “Relax, we are here now.

No need to act like a bear with a sore head,” I said laughing. “More over a little spiritual exercise of abstaining will do you no harm,” I teased lightly. “You are absolutely right Tobs!” Jasmine said smiling. “Look at me for a while now I haven’t had horizontal refreshment, there was this guy I met at a Conference but after the second date, he went code 143 on me and you know I can’t stand clingy men,” Jasmine said with wide eyed innocence. “Are you for real Jaz, what on earth has fasting got to do with sex?” I asked shaking my head in bewilderment. “Aaaah everything oh!” Zara said comically while Bola laughed uncontrollably. “You girls are just sick!” I said in disgust.

Kaycee was quiet, completely oblivious of her surroundings. “Kaycee is everything ok,” I asked in concern. “Yes, I am sorry I just realised I left my Bible in Church when I stopped over before coming here,” she said with a smile. “By the way you Ladies are invited for tonight’s hangout,” Kaycee said with a crooked smile. “Hangout?” Bola asked in confusion. “Yes in Church with God,” Kaycee said still smiling. “Oh that?” Bola said smirking. “Is it funny,” I asked giving Bola a piercing look.

I have always been a bit intolerant of anyone who treated the things of God with levity. “No it’s not!” Bola said giving me the ‘what’s with you’ look. I know I need to watch my attitude with Bola, I guess her refusal to leave her married lover just grates on me. Its best I stick to why we are here. Bola’s personal issue has to take the back burner for now. I will definitely re-visit!
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