5 traits and habits you need to be Dangote (2019)

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Being a black and also being the richest while surviving in the tough world of business especially in Nigeria, takes a litle bit of luck, and special talents to really be and remain on top with a net worth of $13.8 billion.
Aliko Dangote popularly addressed by his surname Dangote, has over the past ten years built a formidable conglomerate all across africa.
We have 5 traits of Dangote, that we belive makes him a real force to reckon with in the world of business.
Here the 5 traits to Dangote has, that has over the years spurred him to greatness
Never give up attitude:This attitude has over the years made him attain a revered position as the md of Dangote group. From taking a loan from foreign investors with a whooping 41% interest rate and Dangote getting to pay back earlier than the stipulated term of the loan.
Inspiring: Spending some time with Dangote makes you realise how endless his source of inspiration comes from his successes as he builds his conglomerate. You have to appreciate your successes and drive from them inspiration to better yourself and your business. No small win is too small.
Risk Taking: To be successful, risk taking has to be part of your lifestyle. Dangote over the years took so many risks that an average person will consider outrightly crazy.. just as I mentioned above, very few people can go out of their way to seek a loan with a ridiculous interest rates as high as 41%.
Humility: It goes without saying that Dangote comes across as a friendly, who stays motivated and still keeps a level head, as he becomes more ingratiated into the Nigerian economic fabric.
They are competitive: Dangote has sneeked up on competition over the years, Dangote can be said to have the 'Midas Touch'. From his flour, sugar, pasta businesses to salt, cement and more, and most recently his Oil refinery complex, which is rumored to be the worlds largest single line refinery, in Lagos.

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