Secret to finding a great husband in Nigeria

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A really big topical issue in Nigeria, this topic hopes to reflect on Marriage in Nigeria.
So, jumping into the topic,. how do you get to find a great husband in Nigeria.
Ofcourse, there is no clear cut method or tactic to use, to get a 'great' husband in Nigeria. What my topic will point out will just be pointers to look out for when hoping to find the right one.
1. Do not be pressured to be into being in a relationship: Avoid pressures by any means to be pressured to be in a relationship, nothing shouts desperate more than a chick deperate to be in a relationship with a guy. Trust me, he will sense it, and will have to decide to either be reasonable or take advantage of you.
2. Do not pressure him for marriage: If you are indeed already in a serious relationship(your people know him), do not pressure him to take you to the alter, because such actions puts a man off. Just be there with him and be open with communication. Try and have a feel of his replies whenever you hint him of marriage, if he doesnt in any way put down the idea of marriage, then all you need is to be patient with him.
3. Do not be Superficial: Hmm, you don not want to be too superficial. It doesn't matter if he has enough to spoil you with, if he spends on you, thats great, but if you come accross as always willing to spend and be shallow, he will definately loose his respect for you and might end up feeling, you will be a bad choice in the long time.
4. Do not be swayed by shallow superficial men: As suitors come(suitors will come, even if you have the most terrible demeanor), pay no mind to shallow men. If you decide to settle and court him, he might end up thinking, you are their for what he can afford. And will probably loose respect for you.. If you do really care for him, you must let him understand how down you will be with him, even if he doesn't have whatever he has.
5. Be right one: Do not expect to meet a good husband if you do not have the good 'great' qualities you are looking for. Be the right one and wait for the right one to meet you. And you find him before he finds you, initiate a meet with him and don't wait or hope he will immediately notice you. Go for what you want, this is the 21st century.
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