How to become a successful blogger in Nigeria. What you need to Know

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You need to study and master the art of SEO(search engine optimization)
Basically you should know what terms like backlinking, long tail keywords, domain ranking, niche, bounce rate etc

These are common terms thrown around in the blogging sphere, so you have to be conversant with them.

Beginners guide:
1. A light good template(wordpress template ). Simple templates load faster on mobile devices.

2. You need at least 150 original posts to have enough varing content that will allow google searches find your blog posts.

3. Choose a niche(it could be on pets, or your personal skills) you understand. And use sites to promote your blog posts: e.g sites like tatisis is perfect www.tatisis.com

4. Do not expect any magical immediate traffic at once, it takes time. I started seeing results as early as 2 weeks from organic search alone(from google searches)

5. Note down your method of monetization: Adsense or classified ads.. of course you want to make some revenue.

6. Work on sharing links on social media to your blogs facebook, twitter, instagram pages. The idea is to begin to see traction and have a feel of your contents people are responding to, so you can work on such blog posts.

7. Paid traffic: Backlinks are links by other high authority website linking to your website.. e.g if you post your website link from this website TATISIS to your website.. then you have a backlink. You can choose to pay other website owners or simple write them and tell them you will like to guest post(google guest posting) for their website.

8. Write captivating content: your content should make users want to spend as much time as possible on your website.. it will help with your ranking. Its called bouce rate..
Low bounce rate is good (users spend longer time on your site)
High bounce rate is bad (users do not spend much time on your site)

9. Keep fresh content coming in: As you get to have more relevant contents, you will notice more traffic coming to your site.. by keeping fresh content on your site, you increase its domain ranking and hence google rewards your website by ranking you on its search pages

10. Use tools for analysing traffic: https://analytics.google.com/
Analytics is very important. It shows you what works and what requires more work or total abandonment over time. Search on ways to set it up with your wordpress website. It's pretty straight foward

11. Develop your very own strategy for success: You need a growth strategy to grow your blog especially in Nigeria, where we have loads of blogs, you need to be different and fresh. Let it reflect on your site and in its design.

Simplicity is your friend, keep you site clutter free, neat and tidy.. No pop ups and all that junk. Visitors hate it. Only use such when extremely necessary
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