How to kiss a Nigerian girl the new way

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Ok, this post is probably for our Nigerian brothers who are are inexperienced in the art and department of kissing.
Am not a Don Juan on the matters of relationships but I do know a thing or two about Nigerian girls.
Nigerian babes want to be respected enough to be known they are wanted for who they are. Show some respect and they will go to the moon and back for you.
Be disrespectful and watch her leave you inevitably.
This post is a reply to newly wedded husband trying to better his romance with his dear wife. So @kt_guard here are some tips.

1. Simply build chemistry with her.
2. Make her comfortable around you. Be harmless and sweet(of course).
3. Tell her you want her to be more to you.
4. Simply go for the kiss slowly, no questions asked.

There are no rules to kissing, it should come naturally and not thought outr and rehearsed. You are not sitting for a test, so why the fuss.

TFM quote: A happy wife makes a happy home, an unhappy wife leads you to nothing but stone cold misery.
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