My Free tv nigeria... What you need know, activation, recharge, and Setup Cost +(Pics)

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I love my freetv (free tv nigeria). I love my free tv because its FREE. I mean i get to watch a couple of channels for free by paying a N2000 fee.

Yea the quality is not a full hd quality but it not bad at allllll... especially if you have a good screen.

Let me share a picture of the channel list of free tv.

Thats cnbc on screen - i watch a lot of business news.
More channel list:
Herei is the remote control
Here is my receiver

It has two usb ports behind for flash drive, which you can use to record, yes the free tv box can record too.. no biggy.

Thinking of recording journalist hangout(tvc news) soon when i get a flash for that purpose.

My observation on free tv:
You might need an outdoor antenna
The better your outdoor antenna(i use one), you might not need it if you are close to their antennaa in town.. but many do use it sha (antenna cost me 1000 to buy in kaduna)

The better your reception the clearer it gets. here is a picture of my signal level on an average day watching CNBC. Quality is around 33%, this night.. anything above

28% signal strenght on your free tv box will show images quite fairly, no crackling.

The higher your signal strenght the better the quality. I am kinda lazy to set it up for better quality.. I did get around 40% when i installed the box last month (january/2019)

Have questions ? let me know below....

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