Making farming easy in Nigeria - Using the mechanical planter with picture of how it looks

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Ok, here is a new hack farmers - local farmers.

This is a step to mechanization in some sense.. Am talking about the seed planter that will change and make planting of seeds become very stress free.

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Lets jump to the juice of what it does.
So this seed plant has a variable seed size adjustment which allows you to preset the size of your seed on the planter mechanical machine.

This allows you to plant large seeds, like groundnuts and smaller seeds like okra, maize and anything in between.

The planter is currently available at an affordable price, doh really really expensive in places like ilorin and western nigeria.

So let me share a photo of the planter:

Works fine in semi dry lands (not too wet, so as not to prevent mud from blocking seed from falling).

Get this and save unnecessary waste of time, or better still get it as a present for a farmer to save them time and stress in planting.

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