How to start your youtube channel in Nigeria step by step for newbies

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Starting a youtube channel can be a promise of lots of fun, if you go about it the right way.

So here is how to start a cool youtube channel in Nigeria:
1. Decide what you wanna vlog(video + blog) about.

2. Think hard on how frequently you wanna post on your youtube channel.(Doesn't matter if you are just starting, but when yous start getting a number of views)

3. Choose your channel name
something like this:
These day, almost anything can pass as your channel name.

4. Get quality topics(contents) to vlog about.

Now the juicy part
5. Create a gmail account, if you have one already visit www.youtube.com

6. Create channel by clicking add video: then select 'upload video' option or go live(to stream live events) in our case select 'upload video'

7. Tap the image and select upload image. Do not change the privacy button below. Leave it at public(Makes your uploaded video to be seen by youtube viewers )

8. Wait for video to upload and type in your catchy video titlea and description

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