Zealot Bluetooth Speaker S8 - Personal Review and Specification, plus pictures of mine

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In this post am going to be talking about my zealot s8 speaker, which i by the way love. Its the perfect entertainment speaker box for movies and music.

I mean the sound on this thing is just something else. It seems intriguing that something so small (not that small) will bring out a sound so deep with bass and volume.

If you like your music loud with crazy sound quality, then the zealot speaker is for you.

I got mine for 10K, thats 10,000 naira in Ilorin, Kwara state. Heard its around 12000 naira in kaduna.

Here is a picture of my speaker:

So specification of the zealot s8. Based on my personal review.

It has:

A usb port( for plug and play of music from your flash or whatever storage device you wish to connect).

Micro usb port: basically for charging (both usb charging or AC current charging to mains power supply)

Touch button on top of the zealot s8: has basic funtions to previous/next music, M button for mute(which actually pauses media playing if you are on bluetooth), Battery indicator: 4 indicators to show you battery level. Then a volume increase and decrease button.

Bluetooth function: Ofcourse the bluetooth function- its a bluetooth speaker right.

Protective jacket: Comes with the speaker. Trust me that jacket is probably the coolest you have seen on a bluetooth device. It function and pretty

Power button: Naturally for on/off.

Micro sd card slot: For your memory cards. Havent used it since i bought it. But its nice it came with one

Heard the zealot speakers come in the the s series, thats s1, s2, s3 and so. So if you are looking to buy a good bluetooth speaker. You can go for this s8.

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