Why I choose to do Glo N200 Naira 1288MB (1.2gig ) Data Plan for 3 days

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Am always online. I watch a lot of videos. I listen to podcast(listen to 'criminal' if you are a fan of crime/weird stories). I hotspot alot (connecting my ipad and my laptop).

Basically am just connected.. doing all those will not be possible with a meager monthly plan of 1000 naira data plan for 1.5g that all these our telcos offer. Mtn Glo Airtel and co.

So i got to know about the 1.2gig (1288MB) data plan glo offers for 200 naira for 3 days.

Cost wise it can't be compared with a standard monthly 1000 naira data plan with 1.5gig data cap. But its perfect for me.

I use 1288MB for 3 days yeah?. So in a month, i get to subcribe 10 times(which is work but still worth it)

30 days/3 days = 10 times.

10 times * N200 naira = I spend 2000 Naira on data plan per month.

so the total amount of data i get by spending N200 for 1288MB 10 times a month is:
1288MB(1.2gig) * 10 = 12880MB. That's a whooping 12gig plus data .

So instead of spending 2000 for 3gig+ on glo. Its smarter to spend same amout for 12gig.

You might be tempted to go all out on your data exhausting it in just 2days of subscribing which i do , but its still worth it.

Glo wins because most people i know subscribe way more than 10 times every month. - spending more money

And the customer wins by getting real value for their money.

This glo 3days data plan is great for people living in the cities, glo does have terrible terrible reception as you leave cities clusters to farther places. They seriously seriously need to take their business more seriously and learn from MTN and wake up and really upgrade their infrastructures, the better their services the more customers stick and the more money they get, its simple arithmetic. Grand masters of data no be just by name. They should put in the work

For more data for lesser price you should consider trying airtel night plan 500MB for N25. Its perfect for all night downloads. You can get 2 sims and do same plan on botht to get 1gig from 12am to 5am. see more on that Airtel 25naira for 500Mb Night plan

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I use to do it too but my problem with glo network is tht the network is supper poor... one can only use it in the night...
Hmm I never knew glo had the 200 plan too, what's the code to sub
Hmm I never knew glo had the 200 plan too, what's the code to sub
*777# select buy data select special data select N200 for 3 days
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