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If you are running the most recent windows os - windows 10. Then am sure you know what a data hugger windows 10 can be.

We all love windows 10. It has loads of features that make life so easy.

Now back to the issue:

Solving windows 10 high data consumption rates. In Nigeria, where data can be quite expensive and on the high side.

1. Always use windows 10 via wifi hotspot. Do not use modems.

2. Right click and select properties after connecting on wifi

3. Turn on metered connection: This allows windows 10 to know, it cant use the wifi to download updates.

4. Go to windows update. To locate windows update type windows update in your search box. Or press the windows key + i

Then select Update & Security

5. Select Windows Update

6. And scroll down till you see 'pause updates'

7. After which, you will see

The pause icon. Note the date and keep pausing it once it expires.

Another tool I will highly recommend you download is a small software called Netlimiter Pro. It allow you to see and monitor all windows processes- all in one place.
Simply do a google search of Netlimiter 4 Pro and download.

Important Note:
Repeat step 2 and 3 whenever you connect to a new wifi network. If you connect without setting your new connection as metered , windows will begin download of updates automatically. Which will run eventually run into Gigabytes.

Post your issues about windows 10 below if you have any.

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