Sani Muhammad Gobirawa defects to PDP from APC in Sokoto

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Scarcely three days to the rescheduled general decisions, the Sokoto state section of the People groups Equitable Gathering has made a major catch into its overlay as Alhaji Sani Muhammad Gobirawa, Northwest Zonal VP of the Nigerian Association of Beneficiaries and first class of the Buhari Backing Organisation(BSO) "Buhari Sak" in Sokoto surrenders from APC.

Gobirawa who at present is at the vanguard as Bad habit Administrator of the Aminu Waziri Tambuwal(AMATA) Care Group solely disclosed to The Country in Sokoto Wednesday that his surrender alongside others in the BSO was deliberate and dependent on their conviction that PDP is the most satisfying political stage that symbolizes the popular government for Nigeria to work once more.

" Our choice to join PDP was absolutely founded on our firm conviction of the capacity and ability of Senator Aminu's world and legend, in that capacity, we needn't bother with the endorsement or tendency of any family to complete our political desires", he called attention to.

As per the Retired people top echelon who likewise seized chance to eliminate any confusion air on some deception on his absconding, said " I need to say it straight to the general population of the state and to disgrace questioning Thomases that as a Nigerian and a grown-up with my faculties, I can settle on which gathering to join without partner my activities to any family.

" This elucidation has turned out to be fundamental for Sokoto individuals to disapprove hints from a few quarters related with family issue", he clarified.

The political supposition pioneer and senior who additionally holds a customary title of ' Wakilin Gwiwa and Walin Dabagin Ardo' in the state proceeded, " when I joined BSO I didn't look for the authorization nor related my participation to any family."

Gobirawa nonetheless, asked the general population to concentrate on issues and not identity with regards to the issue of decision in a vote based setting where a subject has the directly to uninhibitedly partner and express his desire as to his or her yearning.

He said his gathering stay decided and centered with flexibility for the achievement of PDP and for the re-appointment of Representative Aminu Waziri Tambuwal.

" I wish to reaffirm the dedication of our gathering and we stay firm and unfaltering behind the PDP under Senator Aminu Waziri Tambuwal from the grassroots up to the National dimension for the benefit of the general population and the coming ages yet unborn. I additionally encourage the general population of Sokoto state to keep on stretching out their help to the Senator with the goal that he can change the state and return it's lost magnificence."
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