Baba Suwe narrates his health situation and his ordeal with NDLEA

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Veteran nollywood yoruba actor , Babatunde Omidina, a.k.a. Baba Suwe, has requested for help to help him look seek medical care.
Following his trial, Baba Suwe said the medical condition began in the United State of America, where he had travelled and fainted even amidst cheers by fans.

“Since the time I returned to Nigeria, I have been going up and down,” he struggled to tell the radio show host amidst tears.

“They have taken me to different hospitals, yet my condition is getting worse. My situation is so bad now that I can’t walk without a walking stick.”

Baba Suwe additionally connected his present predicament to his experiences at the hands of the NDLEA authorities which exposed him to tough situations.

As indicated by him, the psychological and mental pressure he experienced at the hands of the NDLEA during the cocaine ingestion saga broke him.

Baba Suwe uncovered that he would release a film, 'Oya Gbe Ti' detailing his 2011 experience with NDLEA.
A Lagos High Court had already ordered NDLEA to pay the veteran actor N25 million for unlawfully detaining him and to also tender a public apology to him; a ruling the drugs agency appealed.
Baba Suwe revealed that these conditions were yet to be met and his health has continued to suffer in the last seven years.
The actor also shared his account details:
First Bank, Babs Omidina Comedy,
We wish him quick recovery

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