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How To Register Or Invest In The I-invest App
Requirements: BVN number, valid phone no and email address, utility bill (PHCN/Water rate), valid means of identification (Driver’s license/ National ID card/Passport/Voter’s card), passport photograph.

Enter into any Sterling bank branches and tell them what you want to do. You can also download the app from your mobile phone’s app store since it is available in Android and IOS. Install and launch the app then register your account with a unique username and password.

You will be given a form to fill, you can either pay in cash at the bank or you can fund your account with the required funds via internet banking or your debit card which will later be debited from your account if your transaction is successful
Still on the form, indicate from the list of available securities and enter the amount you want to invest. Check the “Confirm” box to confirm your transaction.
The minimum amount you can invest is 100,000, interest accrues daily and both the principal amount invested and accrued interest will be paid into the customer’s account on maturity.

How To Withdraw From I-Invest Plan
To withdraw your earnings, visit the bank again and collect a form which you will fill with details such as amount to withdraw, account name and account number
Answer the secret question correctly
In case you are using a mobile phone, login to the app, click settings and update your KYC profile
Supply all the necessary information and answer the secret question correctly.

The I-invest app is a first-of-its-kind investment app that provides new investors with equal opportunities to improve their portfolios through treasury bills.
Eliminates barriers to investment like lack of education or large sums to invest as you can start small.
Can also be used to make payment for utility services, airtime purchase and transfer of funds
Affords new and small investors the opportunity to invest in treasury bill by pooling all their resources together thus broadening their choice of money market products.
Safe, secure and convenient since all you need is a smartphone, internet access and a valid phone no.
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