Glo 3g, 4g: Data plan, bundles, subscription codes & prices (Latest)

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Welcome to the bespoke leading telecom network service in Nigeria, that lead the way to the adoption of the first per second billing and first BlackBerry service to the country…

The newest Glo 4G-LTE service is faster and works with all existing glo data plans

How to get the Glo 4G LTE
1: Obtain the LTE Sim from any dealer outlet nationwide.
2: Get an LTE capable device
3: Buy your Glo data plan by dialing *777#.

Data plans range:
daily - weekly - monthly PLUS
Flexi plans and Blackberry Plans (Blackberry 10 devices.)

Dial *777#

For top down menu list for all glo subscriptions.

Glo Flexible Plans

Glo Data Plan Frequently asked questions
Auto-Renewal: Glo renews your exhausted or expired data plan automatically, to unsubscribe send “Cancel” to 127 once your data expires.

Data Rollover: Your data will be rolled over if it expires before you exhaust it. The remainder of your expired data will be added to your new data to give your total data.

Glo Data Sharing: Dial *777#, select Buy Data Plan, choose Manage Data Plan and select Share Data Plan, enter the Glo phone number of the person you want to share with and confirm.

Data Gifting: To gift someone a data plan on Glo, dial *777# and choose Gift a Data Plan under Buy Data Plan, enter the recipient’s number and confirm the transaction. You can also dial *127*USSD Plan Code*Friend’s Number# or Send “Gift[Friend’s Number] to 127.

Glo Data Balance: Dial *777# and navigate to Check Data Balance or text “Info” to 127.

Data Settings: Send “ACTIVATE” to 444 alternatively you can input these manual settings in Access Point settings on your phone:

Account name: Glo Flat
Access point name: gloflat
IP Address:
Port: 3130
Username: flat
Password: flat

Bonus plan you need to know about:
1.2Gig Data for N200
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