Signs you are dating a runs girl, how to identify gold diggers in 11 easy steps

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1. She forgives you instantly when you buy her gifts
Whenever she is angry with you, buy her a gift and notice how easily she forgets why she was angry with you to begin with. That's how gold diggers are wired. They're very superficial and selfish and the only way you can make them happy is by coaxing them with with expensive gifts. Relationship problems should be discuss through open communication not through gift buying.

2. Ask yourself if they would stay without money.
Ask her in a serious tone what she would do or what would happen if you lost all your money tomorrow. Would stay and support you and who would leave? A resonable partner would treat you the same, while a runs girl would leave you ASAP.

3. Watch her for questions and discussion about what you own.
A person who you are dating will be reasonably curious about your background and work. But, it's concerning if they keep asking about your money and property. If they ask about your type of car or your house, especially early on, then these are glaring bright flags to run!

4. Her family
She will try to make you feel her family is the best thing ever, painting them of having high values and standards. Of which in many cases isn't quite true.

5. Her friends
How easy is it for you to find out about a girl if you know her friends. Her friends speaks volumes about her. If she is always with friends who seem to alwys come out dressing all fancy and superficial, then you have got yourself a runs girl at hand. Check out her Instagram/Facebook profiles and skim through her friends
Why? Her friends will always provide her with everything she needs to show value that doesn't exist, they will influence her behaviour, they will provide her with everything she needs to set you up in a nice trap.. runs girls always help each other. Its like their secret code.

6. Her Dad
Gold diggers/runs girls are mostly never never spoiled by their parents, this is because their parents were usually greedy on them and so they never experienced a quality life and think always think that 'you' will replace their daddy.

7. Are they employed or make any effort to make their money?
Many gold diggers do not have jobs or work in lower-level positions, that's because they wait until they can attract someone who will serve as their “meal ticket.” If you start dating someone, ask them about their job and future career and hopes and aspiration. If they give you dry answers or laugh-it-off, then that's a problem.

8. Does she reject inexpensive gifts.
If you suspect her to be a runs girl, test her out, give her a thoughtful, inexpensive, gift. Then, sit back and carefully note how she reacts.if she refuses the gifts or makes a distastful face those few seconds of giving her, then you probably have runs girl at hand

9. She will stalk you around
Runs girls are good at planning and can be very patient as they strategize as they carry out their plans. She will study most probably digging into who you are, your background etc including your social interests and find a way to align to those things so she can endear herselft to you.. So watchout. Most runs girls ussually make the first move(not always though).
10. Pay attention to her friend’s attitudes.
People naturally hang out with individuals like them. If all of your girl's friends are runs girls, then what are you waiting for, there is a high chance that they are all into it. If their friends can't quit talking about looking for rich men or women, then you easily tell that, that is what they value.
You can even ask her the question, “I’ve noticed that your friends talk about money a lot. Why do you think that is?”

11. Does she complain about not always having enough money?
That is something they are really good at. So watch out for those subtle hints she randomly drops into conversations. Especially conversations that have little to no relation to money. She will always find a way to drop in 'money' in the conversation.

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