Treatment for falling fingernails

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When you experience your finger nails , then you must have gotten your self a a Fungal nail infection.
Fingernails can be quite painful as they fall off your hands. This predicament can be quite rare.

Nevertheless, it is not possible to argue against the popular fact that losing one's fingernail can be very painful and frustrating.

Finger nails falling off can be excrutiatingly painful when performing simple daily tasks. Especially if the nail bed is exposed, which can be really unsightly.

Hence, it is quite imperative to find out the possible causes of falling fingernails.

1. Physical Injuries to the nail bed

A really serious finger injury may damage fingernails, which often lead to the nails falling off from the nail bed.

This is quite painful to mostly unbearable.

Such physical injuries mostly related to sports peoople, sustained from physically engaging sports such as volleyball, basketball, boxing etc.

2. Fungal nail infection

Another posssible cause of falling fingernails is a possible Fungal nail infections. This finger nail infection causes immediate falloff of nails from the fingers.

Once a fingernail is infected, it consequently changes the appearance of the affected nail, causing a temporary and in most cases a permanent discoloration.This makes the nail become hardened and warped(bent out of shape).

Though, it falls off but not without leaving the sufferer in serious pain.

3. Onychia

Onychia is a common nail disorder caused mostly by virus and bacterial infection of the nail bed. It affects both adults and children, and it which causes inflamation of the nail bed causing pus and eventually rupturing the base of the nail as it proceeds to the tip.

It also affects skin tissues around the nail.

Viruses, bacteria, or other pathogenic microbes makes it directly through cuts and injuries around the nails. Developing pus around and underneath the nail plate.

Severe nutritional and vitamin deficiency leads to nail loss.

Trying out Natural remedies are best at effectively curing these infections

The Treatment usually is removing the nail covering the affected area after drying. This is done to prevent any kind of added infection.

Try treating existing fungal infections before waiting for re- growth of another nail.
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