Why Nigerian small businesses need a website. How to get one for free

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Over the past 10 years, Nigerian businesses have seen an unprecedented growth in the number of small businesses in the country. As the population grows to a 200million people population the need for small businesses has never been more needed.
Interestingly in the past few years small business in Nigeria are really taking up the challenge, especially by the younger populace. This can be easily attributed to the high unemployment levels in Nigeria.

We we have seen the rise of new kinds of businesses modeled in a better way to cater for the population. Over 40 percent of the Nigerian population is within 25 and 35. And this age gap have taken it upon themselves to make the much required change.
The challeges of how to sell and market to Nigerians now comes into view. Social media platforms have helped create market places for businesses, but over the years these places get crowded with unrelating products and even the best products and services are never seen or considered by potential buyers in Nigeria or abroad.

The Tatisis business initiative has however now featured a service for young business owners into buying and selling and services industry. The service allows for small business to own a website without having to pay for setup costs.
1. Easy to manage
2. Stress free
3. Intuitive to serve most business needs

For more information on the service reach: [email protected]
To get a free website for a small business, create a business account on tatsisis and setup your website in a just a few minutes.
Begin here: www.tatisis.com

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