Common Windows 10 problems: Update, Lockscreen, OEM Trackpads

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Windows 10 issues are to say the least less frustrating than what we had with windows 8.
Windows 10 comes with a better User interface that just makes it look so good on displays - especially large external displays. Improved stability can also be noticed.
Windows 10 is also free for download as microsoft annouces that the 10 version of their OS will be the last they will roll out.
Windows 10 is constantly being updated, for better performance and stability. For best performance get the windows 10 creators update.

Major problems with windows 10
1. Annoying frequent update issue.
Windows 10 is popularly known to download updates regularly online without any chance of limiting or stopping such updates effectively. A simple search on 'windows 10 automatic update issues' will give you an idea of the number of results carrying queries on how to fix the issue.
If you are experiencing the frequent auto- update issue, here is a fix to the problem. Link below:

2. Not being able to change background lockscreen image.
Your windows 10 might not allow you to change your lockscreen background picture. You get to set your background picture a number of times and suddenly you notice it doesnt seem to work anymore. I have being stuck with the same lockscreen image for over a year now. Still cant seem to get around the problem.

3. Poor trackpad integration by OEM's
This might probably not be a major issue, but it definitely is an issue when you cant seem to take full advantage of your trackpad gestures. Trackpad gestures make flipping and navigation much easier without hassles, just like we have in the macOS. However, I wouldn't largely blame microsoft for this, even though I think they can do better with better with providing better software management of trackpads OEM's can make us of for better integration of trackpad gestures.

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