Top 10 ways to tell if a Nigerian girl loves you

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Dating a Nigerian is simply same as dating any girl around the world. However, Nigerian girls do have some peculiarities only known to them. Over the course of time a lot is changing about Nigerian girls and their attitudes towards relationships.

Nigerian Girls are known to usually to be passive especially in the matters of love 'those days', but things are changing really fast. Thanks to the Internet and globalization.
So when next she goes code 143 on you, don't be surprised.

Here is a 10 point list of how to know a Nigerian girl likes/loves you.
1. She calls you out of the blue to tell you absolutely nothing. This is popular amongst the younger girls. She seems to call you on the dime and can't seem to be specific.
2. She discusses her friends with you.
3. She texts she's coming and doesnt wait for you to reply to show up.
4. She goes silent when you talk about other girls. She does this to hint you, how much she so doesnt want you talking about anyother girl. I mean she is the one right in front of you.
5. She uses a 'respect' tone when talking to you especially when you have friends around. She wants to seen her as that great gal that deserves you.
6. She talks about her family alot. Almost hoping you could meet them ASAP. This usually happens if she has made up her mind about you, and have you on the pedestal
7. She misses you but doesnt tell you until you bring it up(Introverts), she will keep trying to subtly hint you, so pay attention
8. She wants you to go code 143 on her before she reciprocates. However, if you delay she tells you anyways.
9. She talks about her plans with yo, and you can sense her factoring you in them.
10. She doesnt make you ask twice before she yields to you, especially if you need a favour from her.
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