Police brutality: Stories of Stray bullets in Nigeria

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Nigerian police remands two police officers who allegedly shot a 36 year old father of 1. He was said to be hit by a stray bullet near a football viewing center.
Kolade Johnson was hit by a stray bullet when officers in the vicinity were trying to arrest one Ismail Folorunsho.
It was said that the police shot to disperse the gathering crowd who was trying to convice them - the policemen that Folorunsho was not who they were looking for.
It was later discovered that the shot the police took to disperse the crowd hit Kolade in the back, which he didn't realise not until after walking some distance did he notice that he was shot. He didn't make it to the hospital as he died in transit.

Sad Events like these happens wantonly in Nigeria; especially in the western and eastern part of the country where police officers are reported to be trigger happy and careless with fireams. With more reports of random shootings around citizens with little to no provocation.

Early January 2019 . 2 youths were said to have being shot in Niger state during the new year cross-over celebrations by police officers who were reported to have shot in the air while being drunk hitting them in the process.

This begs the question of what could be the cause of these incessant shootings. Sadly these events are not only limited to the police, but also custom officers, immigration etc.

A general review and overhaul of recruitment of officers in these law enforcement agencies needs to be visited. Educated and cultured individuals need to be hired as this will probably eliminate the carelessness plaguing Nigeria's civil forces.

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