The 7 Biggest and Still the Best Online Advertising Methods Till Date

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1. Display and Banner Advertisement
Since 2002 the popularization of the display and banner adverts have grown to become our modern day popular standard for advertising.
Display and Banner have become the choice format of adverts used by brands due to its high visibility and click-through-rate.
Popular advertising companies serving display and banner includes google adwords, Eskimi DSP etc.
The average CTR for a display ad is 0.35%.

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the systematic and intentional growth of relevance and presence of your website or content for search engines when queries are made. SEO can also be seen as a long term approach to advertising.

3. Blogs
There are millions of blogs out on the internet, choosing to advertise on blogs can really help in advertising campaigns especially on popular niche blogs. Niche blogs are blogs that discuss and post about specific interests. A tech blog for example reasonable resonates with tech lovers, so placing your 'tech-related' adverts on tech blogs will naturally have a higher response rate (click-through-rate).
Placing adverts on blogs can simply be a matter of contacting blog owners asking them if they accept advert placements on their blogs.

4. Rise of the Platforms
Platforms are on the rise, we have Quora, Medium, Tatisis Nigeria, etc are platforms that allow native classified adverts for targeting their audience visiting these platforms. Platforms are a great way to advertise, especially if it is targeted and resonably priced.

5. Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are basically posts published on a blog containing information about your product and services. Many advertisers consider this more affordable compared to banner/display adverts.
This is because visitors on the blog mostly do consider such sponsored posts as an endorsement. Personally I think sponsored posts are most perfect for press releases.
For example: You have a new product you want to share, and such product is targeted towards pet owners. Paying a popular blog with adequate of amount of traffic to have a sponsored post sharing details about your new product will most likely easily convert(result to intended action), in comparison to having paid for a banner advert on the same site.

6. Social media
Social media advertising includes all the popular mainstream advertising you know of. Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Instagram ads. Using SM platforms for advertising can be a rewarding method of advertising if done right.
You can choose to use promoted posts on your Facebook page or promoted tweets etc. These methods of advertisement works great if you are aiming for engagements, or growing likes or followers - for your Facebook page, or twitter handle.
These SM platforms also allow you to have outbound advertising links. With this, you can direct audience and promote content outside of these platforms.
Based on my experience, Facebook adverts for outbound adverts seems to be the cheapest so far. It comes stocked with a lot of granular targeting capabilities that will definitely get your ad campaigns to the right audience.

7. Pay Per Click (PPC) or Keyword Advertising
Pay Per Click advertising are adverts that charge you when your advertorial gets clicked(visited). Below is a list of pay per click advertising platforms you might want check out.

List of 6 top choice PPC platforms.
2. Bing

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