Creating a free ecommerce website in Nigeria

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Hi there, today I will be showing you how to get a free website for your Nigerian business.

The free website is offered by Tatisis.com in a bid to helping small businesses across Nigeria navigate the online space by lowering the barrier of entry for business owners.

You don't need to have any technical knowledge to be able to use the service. Also, to get your free website up and running in no time. you do not need to pay a dime.

The platform will allow you to manage your website anytime of the day by simply logging in.

This service is currently open to Nigerian businesses into basic commerce sales. The website allows for your to create a product catalog and have prices of respective products set.

Once you setup your free website, you will get a unique website link which will service as your URL.

Setting up your website on a mobile phone is also possible, and I will be using it to illustrate the necessary steps.

1. Creating your tatisis.com account
Login to tatisis.com
and click on register or continue with facebook
2. Select 'business' as your account type as you register.

3. Once logged in, go to your profile and select your profile name to take you to your profile page.

4. Select 'Get business website' and proceed with the instructions.

Once your website is created, you can choose to upload multiple products and their prices on to your new website as you wish. Removing and adding products can be done via your manage page which can also be found on your Tatisis Profile.

Helpful Links On How to Setup Your Free Website in Nigeria for Free.

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