Popular Nigeria's top 10 youtube channels and what they do exactly

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Have you ever wondered what channels are Nigeria's top channels on Youtube?

Youtube is a video sharing platform that gives you the freedom to upload and share whatever you will with the world.
Nigerians are paying more attention to youtube now than we once did in the past, thanks to a rise in dedicated data plans by Nigerian telecos for youtube as data prices haven't necessarily crashed(which we hope will).
So, we have seen youtube channels about cooking and culinary tutorials which is steadily growing in number. We have also seen youtube channels covering reaction youtube channels, make up videos and vlogs.

Vlogs (video logging) seems to be growing immensely in popularity in Nigeria. Vlogging is mainly about making personal videos mostly in released in episodes covering a youtubers doing something they find exciting and informative and willing to share that experience with a broader audience.

So on with my list of top 10 popular Youtube channels / Youtubers in Nigeria.
P.S: This is a personal list of mine based on metrics and measurement of number of subscribers and time between uploads plus average number of views.

So in the words of popular musician mavin gaye - lets get it on

10. NaijaloadedTV

NaijaloadedTV(36k subscribers) is one probably one of the most urbane youtube channels we have in Nigeria. Their videos mostly feature an interviewer asking random individuals funny/weird/queer questions and expecting them to actually answer those questions on camera. In all honesty - I wonder how people go ahead to answer these questions. I know I wouldn't. But its nice to see such questions answered by people who don't mind sharing their opinions on public TV.

9. BattaBox

NaijaloadedTV and Battabox in my opinion are in the same vertical as to their target audience and content style, which are very similar. Battabox(150k subscribers) was launched way ealier than NaijaloadedTV.


Comedy and satire is what twyse's youtube channel makes obvious. Twyse is a funny young Nigerian that started with comedy skits on short video platforms, before finally having a presence on youtube. He's number ranks 8 because his video rakes in thousand of views as soon as he uploads them. I will guess he has somewhat of a cult following from his subscriber base.

7. Big Brother Naija
Big Brother Naija is a reality TV show that brings on random individuals to co-exist in 'the house' for a period of time. BBN definitely has a cult following in Nigeria, as millions tune in to watch the reality tv show on satellite TV - DSTV. The youtube channel features snippets from the TV show.

6. GoldMyneTV

GoldMyneTV is a youtube channel that covers celebrity news and rumors, especially Nigerian celebrity events and shows. GoldmyneTV is on a mantle-piece of its own when it comes to covering events and stars at events.

5. LegitTV

LegitTV is a Nigerian news blog. Posts various videos on random topics affecting Nigerians.

4. TVC News

TVC News is a pan africa news outfit. The channel carries popular videos of day to day happenings in Nigeria. Also with a live stream that gets more than 1000+ watching live.

3. ChannelsTV News
ChannelsTV channel has seen more attention compared to TVC.


Oak TV is a more convenient channel for news on a lighter note. Oak TV covers exclusive stories with real unfiltered footage. Oak tv has a cult following as they not only mix up their content with mainstream news but with also entertainment and lifestyle. Which works out well.

1. Markangelcomedy

Mark angel comedy is the number #1 youtube channel in Nigeria. The comedy channel points out that Nigerians do love their comedy. The duo character Emmanuella and Mark have grown out as underdogs of comedy to becoming one of the most recognizable comedic brands of Nigeria.
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