8 most important things to look out for when buying a new or used(london) laptop

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So on with today's business. We are going to talk about fairly used laptops and what to look out for when buying one, plus what to avoid when buying one also.

Buying a fairly used laptop especially in Nigeria can be quite challenging and confusing. Not that there is a shortage of used laptops - don't get me wrong. But just simply the fact that there is just a heap of trash out there.

It becomes a little more difficult when you are on a tight budget.

Talking about where to get fairly used laptops in Nigeria. My one stop place is simply making a google search for possible sellers on Tatisis.com (This platform), as it is a great way to start your search.

That is if you are looking to scout online. Personally, I like to see whatever merchandise am purchasing before I commit to buying.

Other platforms for used laptops are jiji and olx.

List of what to look out for when buying a used laptop especially in Nigeria

1. Processor type
If you are going to buy a fairly used laptop, the most important aspect to look out for is the processor type of the laptop. Ask and request for a screenshot of the system info carrying the detail of the processor. Most laptops floating around Nigeria are foreign used laptops with outdated processors like the old school celeron chips(even comes with some new hp attime). Stay away from old school celeron processors.
What you should go for: Go for a laptop with at least core i3 or above. Here is a screenshot of how to know the processor type of any windows computer. The 'core-i' series laptops are intel based processors which are known for their reliability.

2. Manufacturer
This should be number one on my list but lets go on anyways. Over the years newer unknown manufacturers are getting quite popular in Nigeria. You now get to see laptops like fujitsu, samsung, Asus in Nigeria. The downside of buying these not-so-common brands is simply about how difficult it can be when you need a part replacement.

A laptop brand without much people using it, will definitely be problematic when it comes to replacing broken parts such as the screen and other peripherals.

You do not want to be stranded when it comes to you needing help with replacing parts. It can be a wait of months for replacement of parts likt the hinge. So go with brands that can be easily fixed.

I will suggest you go for these manufacturers when looking to buy your next laptop:
Hp, Sony, Dell, Lenovo, Apple(parts can be a little expensive though), Acer.
My laptop pic below: I use a sony I bought from a friend that deals in fairly used laptop in Kaduna.

3. RAM
The RAM is a storage memory that is attached to a laptop's motherboard which allows it save information temporarily before it displays it on the screen - in simple terms.
So what you want to get is a laptop with at least 3 or 4gigs of RAM. This allows your computer to be able to handle multiple applications to be open and running all at once without slowing down at all.
The larger your RAM the more applications your laptop will run concurrently.

The image below is what your ram looks like(if you care to know).

USB 3.0 is an added plus to your laptop. So whats usb3.0? It is a faster usb port that allows you to transfer and share content between devices at a very fast transfer speed of 640MBps. For easy identification, look out for the blue color in the USB 3.0 port. It provides more power than traditional usb which is usb2.0, Which can charge your devices faster.

5. Video Card(Dedicated video memory)
Video cards are just like your RAM, but this allows run better graphics, play games and render graphic intensive projects.
If you intend to do any of the above with the laptop you are hoping to buy, you need to get a computer with a dedicated graphics card of at least 512MB and above. Especially for projects like video editing, architectural designs etc. A laptop with a low video card memory might not be sufficient to run your project at all or do it at a very slow pace.

How to check your dedicated graphics card on windows system. Right click on the desktop space and select Display properties. Next, select advanced graphics.
The below screenshot has 32MB dedicated video memory, which is bad for graphic intensive projects. So if you are going to be using your laptop for graphic intensive projects as I mentioned above, get a laptop with 512MB or above. But, if you aint using it for such, then 32MB is just fine.

Webcam of course for video calls and recording. That's a no brainer.

One of the most important aspect to pay attention to when getting a used laptop is definitely the battery. Most used laptops do not come with very great batteries. They usually require replacement.
Here is a simple and effective way to know exactly how much energy can be stored in the battery. You can make this simple check using the steps below.
1. Open CMD command prompt (using administrator privileges)
2. Type in the following into the CMD Screen
powercfg /batteryreport
3. Hit enter.
A path link will be shown. Copy the path link and paste it in your web browser to see the current energy capacity as against the manufacturers capacity. This will allow you know exactly how much energy the battery can store.
You can also use windows power shell as an alternative to CMD.

To access windows power shell, press the (windows button with X on the keyboard) and select windows Windows powershell(admin) and enter powercfg /batteryreport

Battery Report (C:/Windows/System32/battery-report.html)

Battery capacity history. (C:/Windows/System32/battery-report.html)
From my battery capacity report, you can easily notice that my battery's full charge capacity falls way short - compared to its original design capacity which is 45,040 mWh. Evidently, I will need a battery replacement.

The battery energy report comes with a lot of stats, you might want it check out, to fully understand the current state of the battery.

8. Hinges

The hinges that connects the laptop lid to the body of the computer needs to be sturdy and rigid. Some manufactures do great jobs when it comes to hinges design, while others flop at it.
Take the time to examine the state of the laptop hinges when

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