How to charge your android phone faster using a simple USB trick (very easy to do)

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Okay, so some few days back I was goofing around on my android device which has always painstakingly takes a lot of time to charge.

I noticed my wall charger was showing charging with USB, which was weird as I was charging using a wall charger not a USB cable connected to a laptop or anything else.

So how I discovered fast charging was simply by making a google search for the "difference between Charging on AC" and "Charging on USB"

Stumbled upon a post on XDA explaining how the android OS detects what power source charges a device.

The fast charge trick is quite simple.

You will have to get a USB cable and have it split into two, to reveal 4 wires.
1. Black color cable (-ve)
2. Any color (for data)
3. Any color (for data)
4. Red color cable (+ve)

What you need to do is connect the red and black colored cables to their respective colors on the other end and cut and short (connect together) the middle wires(data cables) that lead to the connector end going to the phone.

Your phone will now charge faster and your device will always see the cable as connected to an AC power, which in turn will charge your android device really fast!

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