Sco pa tu manaa meaning, origin, how and why its still used online

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If you have been active on social media of late, chances are you must have come across these sco pa tu manaa and o jewa ke eng. True meaning and how it started trending.
You might have searched 'sco pa tu manaa google translate' but it actually seems the phrase doesnt really translate directly to any language. Some are of the opinion that it is a south african dialect, while others say its malaysian.

We do know how it is used on social spaces though.
Sco pa tu manaa as used on social media spaces like twitter means:
1. Where is that?
2. What's on your mind?
3. What exactly is happening?
4. What do you think about this?
5. To get response or feedback on your post, users of the word scopatumana simply type in 'Sco pa tu manaa' and post an image alongside and responders will share their thoughts on what it your topic is talking about.

How 'scopatumana' is used in popular on social spaces like twitter.
Popularly spelt as:
Sco pa tu manaa
Sco pa tu mana
Sco pa tu manaa??

1. She wants a feedback from her followers as to how she looks in the picture



How scopatumanaa started trending.
It is believed that ghanian singer 'Pataapa' song titled 'scopatumana' started the media frenzy. Pataapa in the past released a one time popular song 'one corner' that went viral in Nigeria and South Africa.

Music cover for pataapa - scopatumanaa
Pataapa from your right invited to US consulate in Ghana

How it got into the social media sphere is still anyone's guess.

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