Here is how fast Huawei's new OS HongMeng is and release date(bad news for google android)

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Huawei's skirmish with the US and Canadian authorities has been in the news quite some time now. Especially after the arrest of its founder and president's daughter Meng Wanzhou.

The technology behemoth company in china has been badly hit by US trade sanctions. This has also caused many technology company partnering with Huawei to review or in some cases, severe their relationship with Huawei.

Apart from Huawei's 5G Technology which the United States has boycotted, a number of Huawei's products have also been affected. Especially their Mobile Phones.

Google - Huawei Clash

Google decided to cut Huawei off from its Android OS, as US claims that Huawei products possibly have backdoors that threatens its National Security.

In response to this ban, Huawei revealed an OS they have been working on since 2012 which is rumored to be codenamed 'The ARK' or 'OAK OS' and called.

Patents for the OS was rumoured to have been submitted back when since 2012 when its started its developement.

Huawei also announced that the OS is ready to be shipped and will likely have their newer phones to be released in September running on their new OS.

Bad News for Google
It is rumored that the new OS will have preinstalled google playstore or google play services and will not offer any google apps by default. Though, the new HongMeng OS supports installation of android apps.

Huawei is said to be in talks with a popular 3rd party android market (apptoide) on a possible partnership or potential acquisition, to have its android app market pre-installed on the new HongMeng OS.

HongMeng OS Speed and benchmark tests.
Based on leaked reports the HongMeng 0S is set to be faster than the Android OS by a factor of 60%, which seems intriguiging already to potential buyers of the new phones to feature the HongMeng OS.

HongMeng Os (Ark OS) Release Date
The Hongmeng (Ark OS) is set to be coming this september 2019 with the new Huawei Mate 30.
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