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*THE LOFTY PACE OF POLITICAL SYCOPHANCY IN KWARA STATE:* A danger to our nation and democracy - By Olaide Ameen El-Mustapha.

For many years, I have been a very strong advocate for the young people (YOUTHS) defending the statement: “Youths Are the Leaders of Tomorrow.”

Logically for me, the statement is so vague. It is vague because tomorrow is very hard to define. Tomorrow for me is just another day that may never come. Tomorrow is just a word for the NEXT DAY, and when you get to the next day (tomorrow), it actually becomes today, and tomorrow keeps coming, till infinity.

In that sense, making "YOUTHS the leaders of tomorrow” seems to be a camouflage, or something that will never ever happen. For me, just make the YOUTHS leaders of TODAY. Make them leaders of NOW. They need to learn to lead NOW so they can actually be the leaders of tomorrow, if TOMORROW will ever come.

Having said what I just said above, it is very disappointing when I see many YOUTHS being used politically in many negative ways. Some of them do not care about the future leadership roles that they have to take, and only care for anything they can get NOW to make a living even when they know it is wrong or illegal. Poverty is a crime in our society, and I know some of the YOUTHS will cite that for their excuses to embark in these atrocities.

Lately our YOUTHS are engaged or trying very hard to get a full time job as a SYCOPHANT.

"A sycophant is a person who tries to win favor from wealthy or influential people (including politicians) by flattering them. Also known as brown-nosers, teacher's pets or suck-ups."

In Kwara, Sycophancy is an occupation, a real JOB, and a full time JOB. Sycophants are not ashamed. They do whatever it takes; even to take lives of other human beings. Sycophants earn living, drive good cars, build nice houses and some are millionaires.

They live LARGE. It is very lucrative. Journalists and wanna-be’s, even some learned professionals like attorneys are not exempted in this line of business. Many young people (YOUTHS) want to join the trade for survival.

Sycophants' offices are in the SOCIAL MEDIA. They are like the Silicon Valley start-ups (the DOT COMS) with Facebook Groups like: Kwara of so and so; Friends of First Lady (so and so); (So and so) (political party) FANS CLUB etc. Some of them start fake blogs, newspapers and magazines so they have a medium to sell the propagandas. And the politicians love them, because Sycophants will sell their unjust agendas to the public. SHAMEFUL!!!

When you tell them they are Sycophants, they become so defensive, call you names, attack you, and that's how they get paid because they protect the interest of their pay masters. Kwara State has the highest number of SYCOPHANTS globally. It is time; the YOUTHS and the society rise above and beyond to condemn this type of profession. It ruins our state, our nation and democracy.

_Olaide Ameen El-Mustapha writes in Oshogbo, Osun State. He is a farmer with a good heart and concern for his motherland and home of origin, Kwara State._
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