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Nigerian Government is benefiting from an International Agricultural Program which extends empowerment to Nigerian citizens. The M.O.U. was signed by both FGN and Indomie International.
*The Package is totally free, including Registration.*
*Government will give land free, open the land free, tractor work free, give seed to plant free and SOFT LOAN, to every registered member at NO INTEREST, and NO COLLATERAL.*
Manufacturers have been arranged to *off take* the produce (harvest) automatically, thereby increasing production and expanding the industries to employ millions of people.
*So far, as at Sunday 6th October, 2019 the number Registered per State are as follows:* (out of 10,000 per State)*
Oyo 2,073 out of 10,000
Osun 9,348 out of 10,000
Ogun 2,678
Ondo 764
Ekiti 932
Lagos 256
Edo 236
Delta 399
Kogi 5649
Kano 67,000+ (Exceeded 10,000)
Zamfara 12,000+ (Exceeded 10,000)
Bauchi 33,000+. (Exceeded 10,000)
After signing agreement on cotton wool with Vlisco, the news media carried President Buhari's comments that Nigeria is returning to old good days.
*An Opportunity of 10,000 Beneficiaries per State.*
Please note that Royal fathers have been intimated about the project. They can be approached where doubts exist about the project. *(It is all free. A ready market has been arranged to purchase harvest.)*
A second batch may never come quickly. It may take years before that is considered.
In Addition,
The following NACCIA numbers are of LG/LCDA Coordinators in Ogun State. *Please contact them for your forms and information.*
1) Abeokuta south call 08173571280
2) Abeokuta north call 08034284819
3) Ago-Iwoye call 08077669863
4) Atan/Iju/Ilogbo call 08132128889
5) Ifo call 08184817995
6) Ijebu Ode call 07032454014
7) Ijebu East call 09059348023
8) Ijebu East Central call 08055684218
9) Yemoji call 08067876448
10) Ifesowapo call 07066140187
11) Odogbolu call 08082793801
12) Leguru call 08027518565
13) Ijebu North East call 07038673177
14) Ijebu North call 0803 757 3624 / 0805 594 7975
15) Mowe/Ibafo call 08060448101
16) Odeda call 08060172860
17) Obafe call 08030643733
18) Owode BBS Osinowo 08035157567
19) Remo north call 08106959513
20) Sango/Ijoko call 08081631418
Ekiti call 08061140172
Ondo call 08063222940
Ogun call 07062712171
Oyo call 09073134129
Lagos call 07088000006
Iwo call 08033948804
Osogbo 07030717559
Ede North 08036068138
Ede South 08038388478
Ife 08066241781
Akure 08034707364
Ilesa town 08035722031
Ilesa college 08033841422
Ejigbo 08123259328
Kwara 07084005754
FCT 08037315667
Niger state 08033497621
Delta 08033106858
Kogi 08065473269
Ijebu Jesa 08108675617
Ejigbo 08123259328
Ilaro 08026438114
Abeokuta 08081631418
Oke Iresi Ede 08033843810
Atakunmosa east 08031911326
Ijebu Ode 07032454014
This project is from an lnternational Agricultural body that Nigerian federal govt and lndomie lnternational have signed an M.O.U with.
From statistics, the north has registered ahead of the South. *This is a golden opportunity for everyone to get involved* especially our retirees and unemployed youths.
Interested individuals residing in states with Coordinator phone numbers not listed should make enquiries from their local governments.
Thank you and have a great day.
*Please spread the message around.*
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