Did Steve Jobs actually invent anything?

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While he didn't create a computer motherboard, he goaded his friend woz to finish it and he knew consumers would want it if it was plug and play/use. Seeing the future is the very definition of genius.
He helped invent the home personal computer industry. There was a computer industry but that industry was filled with “visionary” thinkers who said things like “the world will only need 6 computers …”
“who wants a computer at home?” Jobs simply ignored the idiots and plowed ahead. Same with laser printers, graphic interface*, Pixar (consensus at the time? Who wants to see a CG movie), moving the keyboard from the front edge of a laptop so you have a palm rest (anyone else would be revered just for this) … the Internet computer (iMac) with built in Ethernet.
The iPod … His genius? It's a music player that happens to have a mini hard drive versus others who just slapped in a hard drive, iTunes saved the music industry who couldn't figure out to fight napster, the iPhone (consensus- consumer just want to send emails and make phone calls - why? Because the screen and their touchscreen was laggy and data was expensive).
And real mobile apps because SAFE DISTRIBUTION was one click away. His last contribution would huge for anyone else - the iPad.

Unless you live the rain forest and throw a spear for food, you can thank Steve jobs for 90% of your informational technology of the past 35 years … If Steve jobs is not a genius to you, you really should learn history before your time.
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