10 Real Reasons Why Actors Quit Their Career In Nollywood

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Acting is amazing but it’s also extremely difficult. Being on the screen is the only thing that gives some actors life. While hoping to make a decent living from the art, they also encounter the ruthlessness in the career. There are a dozen amazing people and actors who quit Nollywood. But also, there are a dozen more who are terrible at acting, yet they thrive. We explored the ultimate question: how do some people just wake up one day and walk away from it all? We found that the income has little or nothing to do with it, and here’s what we found.

Nollywood actors who quit
Why does anyone walk away from acting? (Photo: Unsplash/Patricia Palma)
Why does anyone want to walk away from Nollywood?
Many travelled across Nigeria to attend auditions to become actors. When they finally begin to appear on the screen, then they suddenly disappear again. Nollywood may have its flaws, but people are sometimes surprising too.

Auditions can be limited or some times far from home. They need money to travel and a place to stay when they are travelling.
Many never really put in full effort to get roles and end up disappointed.
Some people lose it and begin to feel powerless especially when they get to the audition ground. Many Nollywood actors who quit lost it from feeling intimidated by what they see.
Nobody really prepares for the mental, emotional and physical tides in acting before coming to join Nollywood. When these things finally crawl up to them, they instantly disconnect with the dream.
Some people make rejection a big deal and can’t handle it. So, they leave.
Coming to the industry means they want to work and earn. Some are strictly dependent on roles to feed and can’t last without support.
Some days people wake up and begin to feel completely lost while watching other people get roles.
There are those who are not able to give in to demands or compromise anything. More importantly, having to put their creativity in the hands of directors and producers leaves psychological effects.
Many lose their sanity from waiting too long to find popularity – for some, it will never happen. This spells disaster if people don’t begin to find the time to cultivate a life outside the industry.
Bullying is everywhere and many people tend to discontinue on a pursuit due to oppressions from colleagues.
There is just too many low budget movies and actors that's all.
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