4 disadvantages of dating a younger guy in Nigeria

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Times are changing. Age is no longer a factor in relationships and women now date younger men. However, even if there are advantages here, a coin will always have 2 sides. See 4 disadvantages of dating a younger guy in Nigeria:
1. Mother-in-laws: Most Nigerian mothers still detest the idea of their sons marrying an older lady. You do not want to come in contact with one such mothers. It will be a tiring experience.
2. Talkatives will get to work: You will be the talk of the town. Many people still fail to see the logic behind such a decision. Eyebrows will be raised. Opinions will be endless.
3. Relationship issues might get blamed on the age difference: When there is a problem the guy and the lady, one of them might say it is because of the age difference. This is a trouble starter.
4. Different ideas of fun: Especially when the woman is way older than the man. Their idea of entertainment cannot be the same.
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