My Lady Is Showing Signs Of Unseriousness

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I met this lady in 2015 though she was very young and still young. She's 21 while am 28. I love and cherish her so much and despite her flaws she's the one I find comfortable to spend my days with. We have been having a lot of relationship issues which we do settle.

There are many issues she puts on which I won't want to mention here cuz I overlook her flaws and focus on her good side.

The problem is it seems she's not ready for marriage at all or maybe because she's still young and want to fulfill her youthful desires. Always want to be a slay Queen, contesting for beauty pageants even without my knowledge.

I have talked to her severally about my desire to marry her but only nod her head in affirmation but I think she's really not ready.

OK, last year we had a serious issue which we broke up cuz it was a real family war. But we later came back to together again despite I was not at fault and cuz of the love I have for her, I went to her mum to apologize over the issue so we can be one again. I told this lady to also visit my mum and apologize too but she has been procrastinating for a year now. She has not visited my family house over the year. Whenever I confront her on why she don't want to reconcile with my family, she will give flimsy excuses of been busy. How can one be busy for a whole one year to say sorry even if it's on phone.

Now, I met a lady few months ago, and I love her so much and she's ready to settle down with me next year December. And I knw this my stubborn babe is a very jealous type and I don't knw how to handle the issue and let her go since I have seen someone who's ready to settle down with me.

My babe is only interested in u flexing with her like taking her out to eateries, lodging her in a hotel for fun, buying her gifts without spending her own kobo on u (I can swear to that). Last year, I spent alot on her birthday but wen it was my birthday, the total of what she got for me was N700. N200 perfume and N500 Nivea Roll on. But that's not my business sha.

For example, this new babe requested me to give her 2k to make her hair for an event in Church which I bluntly ignored her just to test her, not that I don't have the money. Can u believe that this babe have even forgotten she asked me the money? And she talks to me perfectly on phone. She was like babe, if u don't have money don't stress urself ooooo, I'll repackage my hair and still look good to Church. If u don't send my babe money before the due time, she'll stop calling u.

The new babe is not after money or material things. Though I'll send her a reasonable amount today. Unlike my babe, who will bring down hell if u don't send her money before the deadline. Can u believe that in August, she had already brought her christmas list to me to check?

To cut all these short, I need mature mind on what to do on this cuz am confused. U can pour ur insults cuz I don't even bother abt that as far as I get the advise I want.

Stay blessed my beautiful NL family.
Bro to my own opinion, I will advice u to follow ur heart. I wouldn't be d one to choose for u. To me d second lady u met is more of better dan d lady u first meet. D first lady u meet she not ready to marry wat she is after is just ur moni and she is not d serious type. My advice for u, choose d second lady who understand u more better.
Bro to my own opinion, I will advice u to follow ur heart. I wouldn't be d one to choose for u. To me d second...
Are you sure she’s the First Lady is only after his money?
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