I Accommodate Her In My House, Now I Am In Love With Her

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I met this girl online, we happen to come from same LGA, We got talking and later became friends.

Months later she complained about having accommodation Issue. Now, me am hardly around because of the nature of my job so I felt is OK letting her go stay there at least to keep my apartment warm and clean.

Though this is not the first time am doing that,
For over 5 years now it has been people staying in my house because in a year I don't even sleep more than 2 months in my house.

The last person that stayed there was also a lady the few times I go home during her stay we are OK, more like brother and sister. In fact neighbors actually thought we were.

Now come this new girl I don't know her before, infact she has spent like 6 months in my house before I went back.

During those times she was catching feelings for
me weda she is serious about it or not I don't know but I told her point blank that I'm into a serious relationship and she should maintain her boundary when ever I come back.

Months later i travelled and see her in person..
To say that she is beautiful is understatement, she is definition of beauty. She is irresistable.

I have traveled couple of time after the first time and each of this time I try so hard to maintain my dignity, self respect and not to misbehave.
We sleep on same bed, though i have decide to be sleeping on the floor or another room. She changes in my presence.

I'm seriously going crazy right now about this girl..
Infact I see my self getting Jealous about the guy she is seeing recently.

I don't know how to hand the situation, I can't afford to misbehave because, 1st she call me brother.

2ndly considering the circumstance that brought her to my house I can't afford to misbehave because am this one person who don't like taking advantage of women.

And lastly I can't cheat on my girl.
But I can't ask her to leave because for now she have no where to go.

Please how do I handle the situation?!
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