Two-Month Relationship, My Worst Nightmare

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I called the woman, her friend who first told me about the marriage thing, after much drilling she open up that they have agreed with the man that he is going to marry her the kids.

I don't have any problem with that even though I feel used but my only problem is why lying to me again? At that point am yet to pay their graduation /party fees out of anger I decide am not going to pay it again. I told her to go meet their new father to pay the remaining, but my conscience kept battling me.

My fiance is extremely mad at her now and have withdraw her support and insist I cut of with her entirely .

I understand her, she has been very understanding, supportive and always fighting for them even without knowing them or them knowing her.

I feel so bad for putting her in that position.
That becomes a very messy situation for me now becus I cant afford to ruin my relationship / marriage because of a renowed liar.

But what will be of those kids if I hands off them keep am awake some times at night because I don't wanna be that father that abandon his kids but I cant afford to do anything which my woman do not approve or take her for granted in anyway.

Is obvious she is trying to blackmail me with the kids, But then am not even sure if they are mine ,and she have refused to release them because if she do I can be able to go for DNA. And know what next from there.

For a while now we have not talk, She called two weeks ago that the kids wanna talk to me obviously for school fees I turn it down and warn her against calling my line again ...

I don't know if that is right, I'm confused now.
My another worry now if those kids are mine is,
When it comes to Education we are at opposite end.

She don't attach importance to education but me I attach so much importance to it.
I can't trust her with the education of those kids.
Please I need advise on how to handle things.
Say something!
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