Bauchi Governor Shares ‘Terrible’ Experience With COVID-19

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Governor of Bauchi State, Bala Mohammed, says he felt like he was alone during his “terrible” experience with coronavirus.

Allnews reports that bala got infected with coronavirus after he had contact with the son of former vice president, Atiku Abubakar, who also tested positive.

Speaking after his recovery, the governor, at the Government House said he went through hell while in isolation receiving treatment.

Mohammed, who was discharged last Thursday, after testing negative twice, said: “This disease that I was infected with is a terrible experience. I went through hell while in isolation for treatment.

“I felt like I was alone but the love, affection and prayers shown to me by the people of Bauchi State really kept me going.

“I thank Allah that I have now been freed from the virus. I am sorry for the inconveniences it might have caused to anybody in Bauchi and Nigeria, it has never been my wishes to be infected.

“I have received best wishes and prayers from many people across the divide, some of whom I do not even know.

“This show of love has strengthened my spirit to work hard and deliver dividends of democracy to the people of Bauchi State, and I can assure the people of Bauchi State that I will do exactly that.”

Speaking further, the governor asked well-wishers not to bother paying a visit, as their prayers have been acknowledged already.

He urged his well-wishers not to bother paying him a visit at the Government House, saying he has already acknowledged their prayers.
I am finding it very hard to believe that he got infected the first place i seriously believe they are all lies
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