My boyfriend makes me cook freshly made meals for him and his family every day

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- A lady recently left social media buzzing after she shared her quarantine experience with her boyfriend - According to her story, he makes her cook for him and his family everyday because he only eats freshly made food - The lady who says she gains a lot from the money given to buy foodstuff, says she's tired and wonders if she should leave the relationship - Many social media users have since reacted to the post, most of whom found the entire situation hilarious A lady currently quarantining with her boyfriend has come out to share her experience and judging by the story, she doesn't seem to be enjoying herself as her boyfriend appears to have turned her into something more than a girlfriend. In an email sent to popular relationship blogger, Joro, she revealed that her boyfriend makes her cook every day for him and his family as he does not eat anything that has stayed for 24 hours. The lady who revealed she spends 14 hours of her day in the kitchen cooking and washing plates, says she also spends all her time in the market buying fresh pepper and tomatoes as he hates the ones stored in the fridge.
Although she admitted she gains from the money he gives her for foodstuff, she wrote in the mail that she is tired and wonders if she will be overreacting by leaving the relationship.
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