Reno Omokri says the belief that children bring blessings leads to overpopulation

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Popular controversial Nigerian author Reno Omokri has shared his thoughts about the belief that children bring blessings on social media. The author took to his account on the popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter, to share his opinion.
In his tweet, Omokri said the belief that children bring blessings to a family has led to massive overpopulation in poor nations. The author stated that the belief is wrong. He said children don't bring blessings and God bless people who work hard. Omokri advised people to work hard and smart and God will bless them. He added that after they have been blessed they can now use the blessing to start a family. Meanwhile, we had earlier reported that Nollywood actress Sylvia Ukaatu made a case for mature women who are not married. The actress urged them to bear a child outside wedlock. In a video posted on her Instagram page, Sylvia said that a woman who is yet to be married at 37-years-old should consider having a child. According to her, women do not have much time. She stated that some women go into early menopause as soon as they clock 35 years old. Noting that many women do not know if they are in such categories, the film star advised mature unmarried women to act fast. Sylvia Ukaatu noted these women should not be bothered by what people think about their decision to have a child outside wedlock. According to her, they would be the same person who would judge them.
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