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An Ilorin Area Court recently dissolved a five-year-old marriage between one Sherifat Olanrewaju and Suleiman Yakubu over the former’s claim of lack of care in the union.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the plaintiff, Sherifat, had approached the court, seeking dissolution of her marriage to Suleiman due to lack of care and neglect of her.

The petitioner said the defendant always starved her and their only child by not providing for their needs.

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Sherifat stated that she married her husband in 2015 and that there is blessed with a female child, Balikis, who is five years old.

“He never cares if we eat or not.

“I have been paying bills and sourcing for means of survival for my daughter and I

“He is not responsible and he does not care for us.

“Suleiman ignores me when I complain and it is obvious he’s not ready to change.

“My Lord, I want this honourable court to dissolve our marriage.

“I am tired of being maltreated by an irresponsible man, “she told the court.

The defendant did not object to the prayer of the plaintiff, saying she is free to go.

“My Lord, I am also no more interested in her.

“She can go if she pleases,” Yakubu said.

The presiding judge, Abdulhameed Aliyu dissolved their marriage and awarded certificate of divorce to the plaintiff.
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